Thermostat Scheduler delay on mode change

Would it be possible to add a configurable delay to Thermostat Scheduler for use during mode changes?

Use case:
We often have to let the dog out in the middle of the night. This requires us to switch our home mode from Night to Home to disarm. This causes Thermostat Scheduler to immediately adjust the thermostats, then again when we let the dog back in and switch back to Night mode. A 5 minute delay with cancellation in Thermostat Scheduler would help. To go one step further, the delay may be desired when switching from night mode to home mode, but not when switching from home mode to night or from away mode to home.

Thank you for consideration of this request.

For anyone +'ing or -'ing this request, each person is only allocated 1 unit being a solid 1. No +1000'ing and such. Lol, I saw that fiasco.

Why not use the built-in time periods for the Thermostat scheduler instead of modes? That's what I do.

I started off trying to tie it in to HE modes but as you have found the 2 don't necessarily always align. So I found it was better to have separate timed periods for the heating and then use RM to set the temperature of them for different heating requirements. I still use the Away mode setting which works well and returns the scheduler to where it would be on return from Away.

So, in your example once the heating is in it's own "Night" mode, switching the HE mode to let the dogs out won't effect it.

Not based on your use case. Your stated need is caused by a bunch of interactions that aren't necessary, between HSM, modes, and Thermostat Scheduler. Why do you have to change modes to disarm HSM? Why not use something else? Like use whatever you are using to change modes.

Because HSM and Modes are designed that way?
My home automations are based on mode not HSM. HSM arms/disarms based on mode. There are only 3 states in HSM (Armed-Away, Armed-Home, Disarmed) so modes are more flexible to base automations off of.

For example, Mode "Armed-Movie" activates HSM Armed-Home, disables automations of specific lights by motion, turns on a status light so my family knows the doors ar armed and doesn't adjust the thermostat. Mode "Night" also activates HSM Armed-Home, allows all common area motion/lighting interactions, turns on a status light so my family knows the doors are armed and adjusts the thermostat for sleeping temperature.
My mode changes are all automated based on time of day and motion sensors, except when we do something unroutine like turn on the armed-movie mode to watch a movie, etc. To let the dog out in the middle of the night, I (or my wife) opens Dashboard and changes the mode to Home, then we do the same to change back to night when we let the dog back in.
This is overly simplified but that's how we do it; everything is tied to modes not HSM.

If the feature request is a No, that's fine. It's just a request to not hammer the thermostat when changing modes for various reasons (testing, letting the dog in/out, etc)

So just add a mode "Let the dog out". Use it to disarm HSM, but not to change Thermostat Scheduler.

I suppose I can do that.
There will still be the issue of hammering the thermostat with adjustments when testing new or changing automatons/rules that use mode, since testing may require manually changing the modes back and forth. I suppose I can hit the disable app option for Thermostat Scheduler in that case though.

Just put Thermostat Scheduler on Hold. Then it won't touch the thermostat. This can also be done from RM.

Will do. Thanks.