Thermostat Scheduler, bug (fixed)

After 2.2.8 update I am not able to manually adjust thermostat temperature. I have schedule set up and any manual adjustment get reverted to the scheduled setpoint. The only way to change temperature is by changing the schedule.

I'm not able to reproduce this. It works fine for me. The only change in Thermostat Scheduler in 2.2.8 was related solely to using "variable" time.

Have you confirmed that you can adjust the thermostat on its device page?

I can change it on the thermostat (Zen Thermostat driver) page, but it gets back to its scheduled value after a minute or sooner.

Now I can't reproduce it either.

There is another issue though. I can't use the dashboard thermostat widget as it does not change the temperature at all. One weird thing I noticed is it used to step by 0.5 degree (Celcius), now it looks like it jumps by 0.1 degree. Once the dashboard is refreshed the change is ignored.

This was due to users' request for better resolution for °C. It sounds as though the Dashboard is not connected to the thermostat, not actually controlling it.

It is connected, because it can switch between Fan Modes [Auto, On].
Screenshot from 2021-07-18 18-30-26
Screenshot from 2021-07-18 18-30-03

Adjust the setpoint from Dashboard, and then look at device Events from device page.

There are none corresponding events.

OK. Will look into this. I think it works when °F are used and not when °C are used, from what I can tell.

Thanks for fixing it.