Thermostat Scheduler and Schedule/Hold via Rule

In the past, I could have Rule Machine set the Schedule/Hold setting for a thermostat via the Thermostat Scheduler. However, that command is no long appearing in the custom command drop down menu, causing my vacation rule to break.

I couldn't say which version broke the rule, but the rule has been broken for over 7 months for sure. I'm currently on

In Rule Machine, where is the command for setting Schedule/Hold? I know it's somewhere, but am missing something painfully obvious and pulling my hair out as a result.

It's here:

It never was a Custom Action -- those are for devices, and Thermostat Scheduler is an app.

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Adding to the above, if you're unsure where to find a particular action in the Rule 5.1 dropdowns, check the end of the docs for a list of what is where:


Thank you. Don't know how it incorrectly worked earlier nor why it correctly broke. :smiley: