Thermostat Scheduler 2.2.0 - applied wrong day's schedule

I updated to yesterday. This morning (Thursday) the Thermostat scheduler applied the Leave heating set point at 9am, but it used the value from Saturday/Sunday rather than today.

On Mon-Fri the leave time is 9am and the temp is supposed to be 15c. On Sat and Sun the Leave 9am temp is 17.

Logs and settings below:

It did it again today (Friday) - at 9am it set the heat to 17 rather than 15.

I deleted the scheduler instance yesterday after it failed again and rebuilt it. Today - Sunday - it got it wrong yet again!

It got the right day because the Leave triggered at 10am, but it used the Mon-Fri value of 15 rather than the weekend Leave value of 17.

Tagging @bravenel, I think by the time you guys wake up in the US my posts have dropped to the bottom of the forum list...

Ha, perhaps. I admit to not seeing this before. I will look into it. Sorry for the problem.


This bug has been fixed, and will be in an upcoming hot fix release.

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Thank you.