Thermostat Scheduler 2.0 - difference between 1.0 in terms of scheduling temp via Mode

I have switched my schedulers to the 2.0 version and I am using Mode changes, set to 21°c. What I notice different in the new version vs. the old one, is that if I manually adjust the temp of the thermostat within the current mode, it will now, in 2.0, change it back to 21°c periodically, where as before in the 1.0 version it would only change on mode change.

The reason this is "problematic" for me is that I do have to sometimes raise the temp within the day, if it is cold outside, and then I would be happiest with the fact that I am running on the updated temp within the current mode, only to change when the new mode kicks in.

Here are some screenshots:

Still looking for some information about this. Did this behaviour change at some point?

@bobbyD, something you can answer?

Your logs show it being set to 21 by a Rule. Thermostat Scheduler would not do this on its own.

Yes, you are right, something is changing it, but I cannot find what is doing it. I cannot recall having done other changes than update to version 2.0. However, I do have other thermostats that are also now 2.0 without the issue, so it must be coming from somehting else.

How can I find out what is changing the temp?

It only happens when I am in Day mode:

Well... Nevermind. I think I have found the culprit. I was trying to be too smart for my skill level.

I had an automation going that changed the temp based on outside temp. Instead of changing it once, I was doing it upon change and checking every 30 minutes.

Thanks for the reality check.