Thermostat rule 4.0 help


I'm using RM 4.0 to create my first rule. I think I am close to having this right but it doesn't look right my 2nd if if nested.

Here's what I want:
If temp < 16.9c
turn to heat (only when asleep mode)

if temp > 20.5c
turn to off (only when asleep mode)

Here's how I have it:

Not sure if this is the most effecient way. I also have another sep rule that turns on heating if it's day time but i'm thinking I can also do this within RM 4.0

thank you

I think you need an endif after the first Fan:auto line.

As it stands the second "if" is nested under the first and because they are conflicting conditions the second one will never run.

Thank you. How do I add an end of prior to that second action? It was not obvious. I'm sure I'll work it out tho

Edit add another conditional action got it! I think I just unlocked many hours of fun.

Thanks !

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So I updated it as below but when it got below 16.9 degrees c last night the ecobee didn't turn on

Any idea what might be wrong ? House was in asleep mode as that rule worked.


If this looks ok I'll have to check logs as it logging was not enabled. It is now

The ecobee device is working in hubitat so I'm hoping it'd just an error with logic in rule

pp:132019-08-03 06:16:20.387 aminfoAction: Thermostats: ecobee: --> Mode: off --> Fan: auto

app:132019-08-03 06:16:20.373 aminfoAction: IF (Temperature of ecobee(22) is > 20.5(T) AND Mode is Asleep(T) [TRUE]) THEN

app:132019-08-03 06:16:20.310 aminfoAction: END-IF

app:132019-08-03 06:16:20.302 aminfoAction: Thermostats: ecobee: --> Mode: heat --> Fan: auto (skipped)

app:132019-08-03 06:16:20.288 aminfoAction: IF (Temperature of ecobee(22) is < 16.9(F) AND Mode is Asleep(T) [FALSE]) THEN (skipping)

app:132019-08-03 06:16:20.182 aminfoHome Heating Triggered

app:132019-08-03 06:16:20.085 aminfoHome Heating: ecobee temperature 22

Does the ecobee have hysteresis? I bet it does so it would probably let the temp go further down before turning the heat on.

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The temp went to 16.5 so it should have triggered by then

I don't think it does have that on tho. Whenever i had it running with webcore it would turn on with same rule type.

Also i saw it at night and it was at 16.5 and was off. so it hadn't even received the heat mode from hubitat.

So my rule looks ok? thats' good news if so - but keen to get this working before building the rest of them.

Look in the events for your ecobee to see if it was set to heat. Between the logs and the ecobee device event page you should be able to find the disconnect.

If I were to suggest changes to your rule:
Mode changed
Temperature of ecobee changed

If mode not asleep then exit rule (use simple conditional)
If temp< 16.9 then
Set ecobee heat
Else if temp>20
Set ecobee off
End if

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This is a lot easier than what has been posted here.

You got the triggers right.

If Mode is asleep
      If Temp is Low Then
            Turn on Heat
     Else if Temp is High
             Turn on AC
End- if

But I would echo what everyone else has said. Why not simply put your ecobee in Auto mode? it would be a lot easier than trying to control with RM. For example, you don't describe what you will set your setpoints to or how you are controlling them.

Hey thanks for the help. I can set to auto yes. But we don't leave it on all the time. It's too expensive.

I like controlling it at night so it doesn't go on off on off. So if it's cold it heats to 21c then turns off and goes back down to 16.9 and turns on again. It's right above our bedroom in ceiling and I hate hearing it turn on all the time at night. This has worked great.

The set points are via the ecobee comfort settings.

Will definitely check logs tonight.

Thank you all

But if you have the heat setpoint to 16.9 and the AC setpoint at 21, when the temp is in between them, it won't do anything. That's kind of the whole point of a thermostat. If you live in an area where the temp can fluctuate at quickly, i don't really see why you wouldn't leave it in Auto mode.

this is only during asleep mode when it's cold outside i.e winter. so the ac won't be used at this time.

its' the only way i could figure to get it to not turn on and off all the time during the night. if i have it set to auto - sure it will do that but then i'd have it going on and off all the time during night.

i had this working great prior but really want to run it on hub

Well, if it's only cold out, why don't you just leave it set to Heat mode?

And i don't understand when you say turn on and off all the time during the you mean your furnace? I hope it turns off and doesn't run constantly. That would be kinda bad. Heat isn't supposed to stay on all the time, that's what a thermostat is for. If you just want it on, wire it to a relay instead.

yeah mate it's a furnace in attic. IF i set it to auto and to heat at night, yes it will stay at 21. but the temp drops to 20 or 19.5 within 10-20 minutes of it hitting 21. so then it turns on again rinse and repeat.

if i set the rule trigger to turn it on at 16.9 which is as cold as I want to get ... it turns on - goes to 21 then turns off (via rule machine) and won't turn on again for like 2 hours or so.

make sense?

You see, that's what a thermostat is supposed to do, turn your heat on and off. That's the way it's supposed to work. By allowing your house to get all the way down to 17 and then heating it all the way back to 21 you are using the system the most inefficent way possible.

The ecobee will allow you to set when the system will turn on. The "delta" required so that it won't run as frequently. That's in the configuration of the thermostat. I would suspect yours is set to something like .5c where you could probably have it set to 1.0 or 1.5. It might even be settable to .25 c (mine was in F as im in the US). But running it for shorter periods of time, more often, uses less fuel in the long run.

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i've tried to find that setting you mention but cannot see it. will look further. thanks for your help. if i can simplify it... i def will

Optimize these and it will act like a completely different thermostat.

Awesomeness. Found it. Done. Max diff is 1.7 for heating Delta. Not bad.

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