Thermostat motion controlled back light

I recently purchased and installed a Honeywell T6 thermostat. After installing this driver and figuring out how to power the thermostat through mains power (thread here). I realized the thermostat has a setting for Idle Brightness. This intrigued me since the thermostat is in a hallway that is fairly dark even in the daytime. Since I don't have to worry about batteries anymore I figured I could just leave it at 1 all the time. Not very elegant but useful nonetheless.
Then I decided to see if I could control that "Idle Brightness" setting in Rule Machine. Sure enough, using a custom action I now have it setup to set the idle brightness to 1 if motion is detected in the hallway, and back to 0 when there is no motion.
This is a very simple thing, but many times it's these little things that make living in the home just a little bit better that I really enjoy.
Here is the rule. Like I said, very simple.


Aww... this was cool - but my GoControl doesn't see to allow backlight to be triggered... drat.

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