Thermostat Intergration

Good day/evening.

I purchased a Zen Thermostat to get away from Nest but I am not sure how I can set it up to poll temps from the different Smartthings temp sensors I have around my home and heat/cool based off of that (like the Nest Does). Is there something semi-simple I can do, since I am new to HE?

Simple, not really. What you could do is write a rule or few to compare the remote temperatures to the thermostat temperature, then adjust the setpoint a few degrees in whatever direction to try to "nudge" the thermostat in the direction of your desired temperature for that room.

This is a workaround for thermostats that don't natively support remote sensors. I'm not aware of many that work with Hubitat that do, but Ecobee is one. Unfortunately, that won't get you away from cloud-dependence (but unlike Nest it will work with built-in integrations).

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