Thermostat increase/decrease config doesnt work

I just tried this feature after upgrading to and it doesn't seem to work.

I set this field to 0.5 but I'm getting 0.1c increments.

New App Features

Dashboard: Thermostat increase/decrease step is now configurable per tile.

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This may be a cache issue, please hard reload or clean cache on the page.

Sorry, typo, I meant 141

It’s the same on my iPhone as PC

Seems to be working only for cooling - heating is stuck with .1 increments!

Yep same for me cooling works heating nope

That explains it, it’s winter here and so I’m only teasing against heating.

Yeh my tiles in heat mode ignore the increment setting and also sending the temp value. Cooling seems to work properly.

It would be really nice if Hubitat would stop implementing silly workarounds and just implement the long ago discussed "query thermostat capability" functionality - like most other HA platforms do.

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Generic Z-Wave Plus Thermostat driver queries the thermostat for capabilities

You have your wish.... See above.

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It's silly to make a post like this with a derogatory tone and absolutely no specifics about what you're talking about, when the referenced post says:

Our drivers DO query the thermostats, so if you're referring to one of those, please say which one.

I think it's that the tile on dashboard doesn't reflect the 'non standard ' fan modes made available in the driver

I’m using the Hubitat included driver for my Zen thermostats (Zigbee).

You weren't specific enough I guess. LOL

All kidding aside, I see what you are talking about with that specific driver.

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It was in the linked to topic, including the workaround I used to configure them properly.

I can confirm .143 fixes this issue, Thanks @bcopeland :+1: