Thermostat fanmode as trigger in RM


I'm try to set up a trigger based on the fanmode of a thermostat but that seems to be the one attribute missing from thermostat options in RM. There is heating setpoint, cooling setpoint, mode and state, but not fanmode. Is it possible to add it?


Why would you want to trigger ok fan mode? It can only be on or auto. Are you actually looking for thermostat operating state?


I don't see that it matters why I want to use it, but I'm looking at using fan mode as a proxy to control something else.

It can be On,Auto or Circulate as standard and you can set custom options using setsupportedthermostatfanmodes

thermostat state is already there.


Yes, I too would like to have the option of using the fan state "thermostatFanMode" as a trigger/condition in RM as well. Sometimes my kids hit the button and I want to have the hub put it back to auto. Maybe @bravenel can add this to RM in the next update?


Yes, this will be added.


Your the best! Thank you.