Thermostat controller with portable A/C


I just set up Thermostat Controller with a portable Midea A/C using a SwitchBot temperature sensor. Maybe it'll work fine, but I think I keep noticing that the "Controlled Thermostat" cool temp goes up to 70 whenever the controller sends an update to the A/C, and on the A/C itself I see a temp set of 70. Unfortunately, as you might expect, the temp sensor on the A/C is like 5 degrees cooler than the sensor on the other side of the room, so if the A/C is actually set to 70, then it turns off. How do I make sure that the app works properly?

(First night using this, so maybe it will be fine, but I'm worried either it will keep setting to 70 :hot_face: or it'll actually cool to 64.5 based on external temp :cold_face:)

Screenshot of the app:

So, as you can see in the logs (screenshot below), at 10:24 I set the temp to 65 on the controlled thermostat. (shows up as 64.5 in screenshot above).

The A/C ran for 20 minutes, and then just now (10:44), it stopped running (10:44) because the controller set the temp on the controlled thermostat to 71 as the external thermometer reached 71. Is this all expected? I would expect the A/C to run until 70, or maybe even 69.5 due to Hysteresis of 1.0.


(I set Control Offset to 0.1 trying to troubleshoot. Let me know if that's a mistake.)
(Also, this unit doesn't actually do any heating, thus the heating set point of 50.)

Anyone have any ideas?

What release are you on?

There are some bug fixes for Thermostat Controller in 2.3.6, now in beta. You might want to join our beta program so you could update to the latest. Perhaps that would resolve your problem. Or, at least would make it easier for me to figure out what's wrong.

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I’m on Happy to try beta if that’ll potentially help. Will search for instructions.

How should Thermostat Controller work? If I want external thermometer to get to 70, should thermostat be set to 70? Or just on/off commands sent (perhaps with far lower temp sent to thermostat) until 70 is reached on external probe? Former is what’s happening, but I guess I need something like the latter.

Requested to join the beta

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