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I have a thermostat (Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave) that controls a large heating zone for most of the house including the living room, master bedroom, bathroom, etc. It’s mounted in the living room. In the master bedroom, I have a temperature sensor (Sonoff Zigbee, named "Crib Sensor"). Because the master bedroom gains and loses heat more quickly than the living room, where the thermostat is, I’d love to use the average temperature of the thermostat and the sensor when demanding heat for this zone to make temperatures a little more even.

I’ve set up a virtual thermostat (called "House Controller") with the Thermostat Controller app. Here’s what it looks like:

When I turn up the temperature on the "House Controller", nothing seems to happen (for example to 74º in the screenshot below). The Honeywell remains unchanged, radiators stay cool, and I still have manual control of the Honeywell. What am I missing? I expected the Honeywell to turn up the heat as well as a result of the turning it up on the "House Controller".

Inside the Thermostat Controller app, the status of the Honeywell is "Controlled" (see above screenshot) but outside, in the list of apps, the status says "Free". Is that expected or am I misinterpreting what the status in the list of apps means?

P.S. I’ve changed the Thermostat Scheduler app to control the virtual thermostat instead of the physical one, per instruction in the docs, but I’m not sure that matters here, because I’m not getting what I expected even without the Scheduler.


How are you getting the TScheduler to control the virtual stat rather than the Honeywell T6?
I need to have the scheduler use different temp sensors with the different schedules (averaged) and the average control the T6.
When using the T6 scheduler and T6 controller, the schedule doesn't seem to change the setpoints on the T6 unless the T6 isn't set correctly and is ignoring the scheduler app's settings.
I need to look at the T6 again and try a few things ...

Where did you find the docs? I wasn't aware that there WERE any docs for this app! I do want to use it, but without an explanation of the functions and how to use it, I have tried to figure it out without much success.

Found the docs! (Just needed to search for it... DUH!)

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Did the docs help out with that part? I don’t remember exactly how I did that part as I never got the whole thing to work but the first screenshot shows "Controlled Thermostat: House Thermostat" in the virtual thermostat instance. Guessing it must be some place in the settings for that instance.

Yes the docs did help, thank you.
I created a "virtual" thermostat that was controlled by the Controller and the scheduler as the instructions stated to NOT control the stat directly with the scheduler.
It appears to be working and IF I want to change the setpoints, I change them in the Controller, and the controller modifies the actual stat's setpoints with the offset added in, to actually control the heating/cooling.
It did take a while to figure out what was going on, but I think I got it now.

I also created an automation using "Average Anything" app so that I can select different temp sensors (combo motion/temp/humidity... a ZSE40), and use the average for the controller's temp sensor.

So far, it seems to be working great, and I realize that the thermostat itself just needs to be hidden away, and setup a tablet/dashboard to make any changes if needed.

That will come in time though.....

Well that doesn't work! I get an error

the debug line ")Averaging Plus unable to create device - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A device with the same device network ID exists, Please use a different DNI

This is in an effort to be able to select different sensor's averages at different times of the day, by enabling a child of the average anything app, and disabling the other time periods.
I am storing the average in a common virtual device, and that doesn't work.

WOOPS!!! That should be Averaging Plus, NOT averaging anything.... sorry.

The Controller should allow you to select the temperature sensors you want to use and then below that section is one for Weightings, as in how much weight it should give specific sensors for a temp. E.g., sensor1 temp of 65 and weight of 1 and sensor2 temp of 70 and weight of 2 takes (65+70+70)/3 = 68.3. I don't understand what the maximum represents, though.

I have a different issue with the controller altogether, but I don't know if it's the controller or my TStat (Nest Learning Gen 3) since the TStat has no easy integration.

Yes I realize that, but what I want to do, that TC doesn't do, is use different combinations of sensors at different time periods of the day.
I am trying another app (Average Plus) to do this, but that is another story (thread).

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