Thermostat Controller Settings

Hi all,

I had a quick questions/clarification on two of the thermostat controller setting. I am trying to understand the difference between "Hysteresis" and "Control Offset". I think I understand it but not totally sure. So if my thermostat is set to 70 degrees and the temperature drops to 65.5 then the Hysteresis setting will cause the furnace to kick on. From there the Control offset will refer to the heat setpoint(70 degrees) and tell the furnace to turn off when it reaches that degree offset. So if that offset was set to 1 then the furnace would turn off at 71.

Is my understanding of these setting correct?

Assuming a set point of 70, a Hysteresis of 1, and a control offset of 3.

Heat will turn on at 69.5 and off at 70.5 (Hysteresis) When heating , the physical thermostat will be set to 73 (control offset). When not heating the physical thermostat will be set to 67.

Control offset is used to force the thermostat to heat/cool where the thermostat temperature might not reflect temperatures in the rest of the house. Hysteresis is a range where heating/cooling will kick in/off.

Does that make sense?

That make perfect since, thank you for the info!


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