Thermostat Controller & Scheduler

Below is a picture of my controller setup. I'm trying to replicate the similar functionality I had on my Ecobee, but with my new Nexia/Trane thermostat. I've setup different thermostats to be included by mode. In the screenshot below, its currently in Day mode and showing the average of those sensors to be 70.4. On the Thermostat Controller app, I have the temp controlled by mode, and Day mode is set at 72 for heat. At the bottom of the screenshot, the Setpoint is 72.

I was expecting the controller to be smarter and to bump up the temperature until the average of the temp sensors in the Day group (70.4), reached the desired temp of 72. Is this not the case or do I have something setup wrong?

Version 2.0.1 (11/29/2022)

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