Thermostat Controller not controlling the thermostat

The controller doesn't seem to be controlling the thermostat and I don't see any logs that its even attempting to. Below is a screenshot of the setup. Controller current temp is 69, and its set to 73. However the controlled thermostat remains at 72. Shouldn't it have set the controlled thermostat to something much higher?

I resolved this using the suggestion of @bravenel here: Thermostat scheduler unable to set fan or mode - #5 by bravenel

So it looks like the issue was just an out of date thermostat driver, missing supportedThermostatFanModes and supportedThermostatModes

Well, I guess its only partially resolved. The controller does control the thermostat now, but with incorrect values IMHO. When using Control Offset for Idle Method, the offset is based on the Setpoint, without taking the controlled thermostat's current temp into consideration.


The controller current temp is 69.4. When I set the controller setpoint to 71, it set the real hvac setpoint to 72 (which is controllerSetpoint + controlOffset). However the real hvac thermstat is already at 72, so setting it to 72 won't ever raise the temp in the house.

Instead, it seems like it should be setting it to controlled thermostat's current temp + controlOffset. (not the controllerSetpoint) when the controlled thermostat's current temp is >= the desired setpoint. So in my example above, when I set the controller's heat setpoint to 71, I would have expected it to set the controlledSetpoint to 73 (controlled thermostat's current temp + offset). Then I would expect it to keep polling, and when the controlled thermostat's temp reaches 73, it should run the evaluation again, and if the controller temp is still less than the controller setpoint, it should increase the controlledSetpoint to 74.

Otherwise, if you don't take the controlled thermostats current temperature into consideration, it will never run the evaluations properly to reach the desired temp when using multiple temp sensors.

PS. I am using the Controll Offset instead instead of Mode Off because I have a newer HVAC system with variable compress or and fan, so it has 100's of levels it can run at and is variable based on the current temp + set temp. So it may only run at 60% for example when needed. With a system like that, it prefers to be always on and adjusting the level it runs at, and not completely on or off.

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