Thermostat Controller Help

I've been reading about Thermostat Controller and trying to wrap my head around set points, control offsets, and hysteresis. If someone wouldn't mind helping with my situation, I'd appreciate it. I have a main thermostat with a sensor in another room and have set the controller app to read that sensor.

Goal: Turn on air conditioning when the temperature is over 74 degrees. Turn on heat when the temperature hits below 65.

I guess I am also trying to understand the difference between the two boxes below. One being the thermostat and the other the controller. Looks like I can set the setpoints differently in both.

The Thermostat Controller automatically creates a virtual themostat device -- which is the lower box. It has the same name as your "real thermostat" (upper box) with "Controller" appended.

The Controller App, manages the Controller (virtual) device and then, tries to make the real match the virtual. In other words, the extra temp sensors adjust the virtual themostat and once those averages are applied, may or may not mean the real thermostat needs adjusting.

Your real thermostat may not support an automatic shift between heating and cooling, but the virtual thermostat can.. and then that gets applied to your real.

Thanks @csteele. If I am understanding you correctly, for my use case, where I want to just control my thermostat, do i need to touch the top box at all? It would seem to me then that setting the virtual would do the trick?

I think you may find this helpful...

It explains better what the intent of the Engineer was when they created the App. It indicates that any adjusting would be done inside the Device Info page for the virtual and that the App is just a 'wrapper' around the components trying to make it all play well together. Obviously, that means you can use the virtual in a dashboard and adjust it too.