Thermostat Controller calling for heating when room temp > setpoint

Any ideas of why this is going wrong?

I am new to HE 24 Dec '20 but not HA :slight_smile:

The Thermostat Controller is showing as state 'heating' Setpoint at 19c and current temp as 19.6c.

Shouldn't it be showing as 'idle'

If it continues will need to disqualify it as rogue?


Otherwise my heating stays on and the radiator valve is shut because it is at the right temp.

Any ideas

You need to show more information, including a screenshot of the Thermostat Controller setup, and a screenshot of the device page for the controlled thermostat.

I thought I had added a screenshot !!

Added it now

Actually just replaced TRV and it seems OK now - the TRV was having issues with INS, so taken it offline for them moment

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