Thermostat Controller App - Rules to Change config?

I will look into it. There are some improvements coming for the app. It makes sense that it is putting it back to heat. This is tricky, but I'll find a solution for it.


I'm using the Thermostat Controller App in conjunction with the KeenectLite App, which I modified to make the switch from heat to emergency heat based on the outside temp.

I think I may have a solution for you. In the KeenectLite app you have to specify the main thermostat device to monitor. If I choose the " Controller" device that is created by the Thermostat Controller App then it should make the change to emergency heat on that device, which you can then pick up on to send the appropriate mode to the actual thermostat.

Also, I really wasn't expecting a reply on Christmas Eve. :slight_smile:


The issue with it forcing into heat will continue, even when setting it to Emergency heat. This will be fixed in the next release.


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