Thermostat Controller app - add humidity?


Any chance humidity could be added to this to at least pull from the chosen thermostat?

I'm speaking of the official built in "Thermostat Controller" app.

I use this app on the hub that is connected directly to my zwave tstat. Then using Hub Mesh to publish the created controller t-stat to a different hub that has most of my rules/etc. I use the humidity from my t-stat in some now it's gone unless I also publish the original t-stat device.

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I don't follow. What would Thermostat Controller do with humidity? When you say "publish the original t-stat device", I don't know what that means. The device still exists, and it can still be referenced in rules and other apps.

I was publishing using Hub Mesh my zwave thermostat to my "control" hub that has most of my automation rules.

I have since loaded Thermostat Controller to that zwave hub, it created my new thermostat "Controller" device. I'm now publishing that using Hub Mesh to my "control" hub. However that new device does not have humidity. Aka it does not pick up the humidity state from the original zwave device. So in addition I have to publish the actual zwave thermostat to the "control" hub to be able to use the humidity in rules.

To answer your question, Thermostat controller wouldn't do anything with humidity...other than pick up that state from the original thermostat and carry it into the device it created. (and refresh it on the refresh interval)

I hope I explained that well enough...sorry.

OK, I understand. But it makes no sense for Thermostat Controller as an app to be something used to transmit attributes that have no meaning within the app. That's not it's purpose. There are numerous attributes of thermostats that have no functional purpose in Thermostat Controller, so don't appear in the app.

You could always create a virtual humidity device, set by the thermostat humidity events with a simple rule, and share that through Hub Mesh.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the input!

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