Thermostat Capability - Schedule / setSchedule

I have not bothered to implement the "schedule" attribute or the "setSchedule" command in my thermostat driver. I would like to both better explain to users what this limits in their use of the driver, i.e. what built-in apps attempt to make use of these elements of the driver, but also if I did introduce them what I need to do to parse and make use of the data.


The format for these was never standardized, and the command and attribute were deprecated in 2.2.6, per the release notes. You can still include them as custom commands/attributes if you want, and you'll just have to document for your users what they mean (pretty much always the case since there was never any standard beyond the command and attribute names).

I don't think any built-in app ever utilized them, or at least no current ones do, and I'm not aware of any (popular?) community apps that do, either.

Or if you're just asking whether not having it in your driver poses any limitations for users: no, given the above, mostly that it's not actually part of the capability anymore.

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It was more that I had included comments in the Readme on my GitHub page to say I didn't support the scheduling option, which caused confusion about whether I was referring to the more recent Thermostat Scheduler App or something similar. I will remove the comment, based on your explanation. Thanks @bertabcd1234

Ah. Thermostat Scheduler does all the scheduling aspects in-app, not on the device (I think the intent of these attributes was for use with thermostats that had native scheduling capabilities), so that should all be good!

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