Thermostat App and Or Device is Acting Odd

Just got a Honeywell Lyric T6 Zwave Thermostat. Paired up to my HE right away and set the device to Generic Z-wave thermostat. Most functions seem to be working although the heating set-points seem to change to some weird values. As can be seen by the pictures below I set up a schedule for the thermostat along with settings for when my mode is in "Away Mode". When I put my hub into away mode (confirmed on the Apps page) my thermostat changes its heating set-point to 19 just like I have told it to do. When my hub comes out of away mode my thermostat changes its heating setpoint to 4.5 I have no idea where this temperature is coming from it is not in my schedule or in my away mode setting. I have also noticed that the Heating setpoint does not always reflect the schedule but instead picks the night setting even though the thermostat is in wake mode. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am going to unpair the thermostat and pair it again to see if it makes any difference. Thanks for the help.

No luck, excluding and re pairing. Still getting odd temperature setpoints. Tried installing the specific thermostat device driver for smarthings [RELEASE] Honeywell T6 Pro Z-wave Device Handler - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community but I get some errors when trying to install this custom device driver into hubitat. So no luck there.

I see your thermostat is in use by 4 Thermostat Schedulers! Maybe one of those phantoms are causing havoc?

Thanks for noticing, I did not notice that at first. After excluding and repairing the device only shows one scheduler. Unfortunately I am still having the same issues. I find it odd that the Heating Setpoint and Cooling Setpoint shown in the app are not the same as shown in the schedule section of the same app. One would think that the Heating Setpoint and Cooling Setpoint shown in the app would just be a reflection of what is set in the schedule. Hope I don't wake up freezing. LOL

I'm thinking about getting the same thermostat.
Is this the T6 z wave , or the T6 Wifi version?

If it's the z wave version, then my question is:
Why don't you do complete manual control on the thermostat?
i.e. At a certain time, or based on a certain external temperature, change the heating/cooling set point to X.
Also, is the issue related to centigrade versus Fahrenheit?

I like the thermostat. I had the wifi one that would geofence with the honeywell cloud. You could control it with honeywell's app. But a wifi thermostat can not integrated with HE. I wanted my thermostat to integrate with HE so I bought the T6 zwave and it was a direct fit to the existing base plate. Literally took 2 seconds to mount to the wall. My problem has since been resolved and the thermostat is working for both Fahrenheit and Celsius. I currently have it in Celsius. I am using the thermostat scheduler app that is native to HE. Definitely don't want manual control. Thermostat app is loaded with features and I use them all.