There may soon be Wink refugees if they aren't already here


I saw the above article from "How-to-geek" this morning and have been using Wink for years. Long story short I ordered a Hubitat hub this afternoon, Being a computer geek I should be able to get most of devices hooked up ... at least I hope I can.

As other users have done, they start by transferring a few devices at a time, which will be my approach.


A lot of people start by migrating some trouble child or a favorite device that they would love to benchmark on the new system. WARNING: down that path is frustration :slight_smile:

Pick a bland, boring device. The reason is, there's so much new to learn in clicking through Hub pages, the device is quite a minor portion. After you're used to what to click, how Live Logging works, etc. you're ready to try the favorite device. :smiley: