There may soon be Wink refugees if they aren't already here


Wink has stopped actively developing their platform. The servers issues are becoming more frequent and you can't buy Wink products online or in store.

Check out the Winkhub reddit for all the news about this.

Anyway the welcome mat for Iris appeared to be a good move so suggesting it might be nice for the incoming Wink users to experience the same.


2019, the year home automation hub companies give up?
This is going to prove to consumers once and for all that cloud requirements are a very bad idea. Hopefully now people will start voting with their dollars.


It just proves that naming home automation products using eye terminology is a losing proposition.


Completely disagree with that...

It will just prove to them that they need to go with names they recognize - Samsung, Google, Amazon - and not new/lesser known companies (Wink, Iris, Vera, Hubitat?).

I don't think it will retard the use or adoption of cloud use in home automation at all.


That is absolutely my fear too.. The big guys make it easy for you to just go with them and it's by design (and then they own you and your data).

The good news with HE is it really doesn't matter - if they disappear tomorrow my stuff would still work..

however I would love to see the platform grow and expand.


It is going to prove that you should never buy into a tech product owned by a washed up rap artist. :thinking:


I dunno, music artists in general have a good track record with quality things
{downloads some Tidal streams to a Pono, puts on Beats headphones - jams out}


I work from home... screw headphones... Full 5.1 sound system at my desk. :smiley:

As for Wink, they have to have been the most god-awful platform of any of them. So many horrible business decisions were made that I simply cannot believe they have survived as long as they have.


Oh no! Time to make a local-discovery EggMinder driver while there is still time!

Edit: A refuel one, too.


I would highly suggest the next hubitat to support clear connect, along with zigbee, and z-wave.

This would be awesome. No need for the caseta hub!


Can you say "licensing fees"? You want to pay $200 for your hub? Wink got in when Lutron screwed up and let them without a massive licensing fee. or to Bill's point, maybe they have been paying this massive licensing fee and not charging it back to their customers. A mistake, just like the 1 penny hub idea.


$200 for a hub with Clear Connect would be a net decrease in purchase cost for me considering I am now configured with one Hubitat ($99) and two Lutron Caseta Pro hubs (at $89 a copy). That is assuming it did not come with the 50 device limit . . . and I already bought them.


LOL, of course Lutron would limit it to 50 devices!
You and I will pay for a hub and bridge and say it's worth it. A Home Depot customer looking to get into this "Smart Home stuff" would not. That's really the audience I'm talking about.

Of course we're going to spend more than is reasonable for this stuff. We're addicted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We've talked to Lutron about this, their expierence with wink hasn't pit them in any sort of mood to undertake that type of integration again...


Damn. It would be nice not to rely on them.


But they are reliable. Personally I have no problem with additional bridges and hubs. It's just that state of things in smart home at this stage of the game. If they're unreliable, that's when I begrudge having to have them in my house, but that's just not the case with Caséta bridges. They work so well, I've never felt for a second that I wasted my money.


My experience so far has also been that the Lutron stuff is solid. I think the Hubitat engineers are a lot more responsive - just my opinion, of course.


I am new here from Wink and I am really pumped up about all the great things Hubitat can do. I can't wait to get started. Will P


I came from Wink it has been terrible for years .


How-To Geek: Why We Can’t Recommend Wink Hubs Anymore.

Wink support is offline. It implies that it will only be temporary.