Themostat modes are missing in RM5.1 on HE

@bcopeland @bravenel Gents, I just found a bug - Thermostat modes are missing in RM5.1 on HE

I was building a new rule and had to use custom attributes (painful) to achieve the automation I needed.

Here's how it should look (RM5.0):

I have them for mine:

Hmmm, my Zen Thermostats work too - it's just my Sensibo that no longer works.

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Show the Current States from the right side of the device page for the thermostat.

Here you go:

It doesn't have supportedThermostatModes or supportedThermostatFanModes. The driver needs some work.

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Any Chance Hubitat could make an official integration please? Sensibo is one of the most popular Mini-Split Controllers on the market.

A few of us have had a go at updating the ST driver with limited success (the driver is still a mess):

No wonder, it doesn't even have Thermostat Capability. We'd only look at it if we had a unit in hand, and even then I can't make any promises about it.

If a few of use banded together to fund the purchase of one for HE Dev's to use, would that help?

I've personally tried around 4 different controllers (Honeywell, Broadlink, Remotec) for my Daikin and the Sensibo is the only one that can actually do the job reliably and control all the features of my Mini-Split.

You could command it using Custom Action, assuming you know what commands to give it.

I do that already - it'd be nice to have a decent driver tho.

Does it have a local API? We won't touch it if only cloud connected.

Unfortunately, I dont think so.

That's fair enough, I dislike cloud controlled devices too.

That seems to be their approach, cloud via the phone app. Tell them you want a local API and see what they say.


Done, I mentioned LIFX as an example of a Cloud product with local control. I wonder if I'll even get a response.

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I had a quick look at the Driver Code, and the Thermostat Capability is listed. Does it need to be in the App too?

As expected their support person misunderstood my question.

So I attempted to educate her and request she refer the question to their Dev team.

If only I spelt misunderstood correctly! :man_facepalming:

And then I got the reply I was expecting. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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