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With the "new normal", with everyone @ home & no miles on the cars, the basement theater is seeing more mileage. The kids have also taken to "exercising" with the XBox 360 Kinect games (yes, I still have it!). With all the food, exercise and "other" smells lingering around, the room definitely needed more venting. The room has an AC vent, but not really useful when it doesn't kick in all the time, to push the air out of the the room!
Things used:

  1. AC Infinity Inline duct fan
  2. AC Infinity Inline duct fan silencer
  3. Rope clip hangers to suspend them from the joists
  4. Wall mount gill vent - painted to match the theater walls
  5. Ducting
  6. Joist Saf-T-Bars from your favorite home improvement store - to suspend the fan, silencer & vent pipes
  7. ZWave plug
  8. Two button Pico remote
  9. Some blood, sweat & tears from contorting in all odd angles :drop_of_blood: :sweat_smile:

Net result - now whenever the theater is turned on, the Zwave plug turns the vent on & there is air circulation! No more stinky!


I love this. I didn't know there was such a thing as a duct fan. My theater room is purpose built to be a theater room but it is not huge. The heat from the projector and the other equipment start to be felt at about 2 hours. By the time you are done playing Breath of the Wild for 8 hours it downright uncomfortable (if the door is closed).

I could definitely use something like this to bring air from the gym (which is always cold) until the AC kicks in. Thank you for posting this!

I ended up venting the air to a storage/utility space in an angle off of the theater (the reason for the 25 foot ducting) - it has it's own temperature/humidity based external vent fan, so that's covered as well. AC Infinity has a bunch of different fan options - look @ what option works best for you. Depending on what your needs are, or how you end up designing your solution, their higher end fans come with their own temperature + humidity sensors & a jazzy display

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