The ultimate wall-mounted dashboard? Anyone feeling adventerous?

How cool would this be with a Hubitat dashboard running on it...?

Just to add a little, there are many smart mirror projects on YouTube and elsewhere, with some nice software running on an rPi. But not interactive. So I like this because it adds touch control. I'm guessing that a tablet behind a 1-way mirror would not register touch directly. So he's added an IR frame. These are a bit crappy in my experience but it seems to work quite nicely in his demo. Would be interested in any thoughts from the community.


The wife already complains about my fingerprints on the microwave, stove and fridge.

This really does not have a good HAF. :slight_smile:


Very good point!

You don't need it to be interactive by touch, just stick Alexa,Google Home or have Siri make the changes based on what you want to happen.

Touch needed for scrolling, navigating sub-dashboards etc. And even more importantly because it's cool :smiley:

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Its actually a very cool setup. I don't stand in front of a mirror long enought to take advantage of it but the wife could watch the news etc while she gets ready. That would be cool.

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I just realized that this video was from 2016. Wow. Way ahead of his time.

Yeah agreed. There is another guy on YouTube who has built various non-touch ones, including with Google Assistant and Alexa, all running on an rPi... These look very cool too....


Nothing is cool about touching a mirror. If you want touch, you should just set up a touch display. Mirrors will just show fingerprints which is why all of them use voice assistants. Considering the size of these builds, you can have all of your stuff on one dashboard with no need to have to jump to another dashboard. Space is not an issue on a smart mirror like it is on a tablet or phone.

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Each to their own.

Not to mention Virus playgrounds. LOL

You could add a ProCap touch film to the glass or mirror. Maybe something similar but smaller than those from Displax

Single USB connection :+1:t3:

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This is actually my latest Hubitat dashboard, showcased at that site.

I attached it to the bus stop outside my house so that I could get free beta testing done. And this woman and her child are keenly trying to get my cheap Chinese RGBW lamps to work and are about to complain about the response speed and the fact the dashboard doesn't reliably update. An Error Code 500 happened just after this shot was taken.


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The voice control couldn’t understand her face mask muffled voice.


Agree, would rudimentary hand gesture in front of a smart mirror work. I have often looked at those tof (time of flight) sensors to get a gesture of (Left, Right, Up, Down, Select etc)
You could achieve a lot with basic gestures