The Orphaned Zigbee device auto add feature Ver.

@mike.maxwell Before I upgrade my firmware to the newest version which removes the "Orphaned Zigbee device auto add feature", I would like to verify if I have any orphaned devices. Does this feature add the orphaned devices, if any, without any intervention on my part? Do they just show up in your device list if present?

yes, they just show up, so if you've been running 2.2.0 since it first came out then by now it's done what it was designed to do.


I wondered why those two unknown devices popped up! But I deleted them. So they are gone for good now right?

well not really, they are still part of your zigbee mesh as far as they are concerned, idealy you would locate them, factory reset them, then remove them from Hubitat....

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Ok, thanks

Not sure if this comment belongs here but I just spent a couple hours trying to add another Orbit Irrigation Timer like the one I added in a BREEZE some weeks ago.

Was getting stuck in the Initialization phase, then ending up with with what looked like an incomplete population of device info. Logs even suggested such. Wasn't populating MAC address yet it clearly said in the Device Discovery that it was talking to that MAC address. Saw remnants even when I thought I had deleted. Felt like stuff was hanging over "from previous add" . Bad explanation, sorry.

Noticed the message about Release being available on the menu banner and decided to do that upgrade.

Could have been the upgrade, could have been a second reboot, or it could have been yet another reset of the device....but the device added like hot butter on bread after that. The Zigbee ID it picked up was not the one it was locking in with during the failed attempts. MAC address finally came in as it should, all looked normal, device status finally presented itself. Etc.

There was a point in the process, when all was failing, that I started thinking....humm, the only thing different since the last Orbit was added is that this HE was upgrade to 2.2.0.

Just thought this might lend some info. Might need to be re-posted elsewhere or deleted due to inadequate evidence.


Just received my first Orbit and jumped through those same exact hoops today (on 2.2.128). Added and removed incomplete pairing 6 times and on the final attempt, as it froze again at "initializing", I threw up my hands, walked away, made coffee, ate a banana and when I returned... Wow!... there is was paired, connected and initialized. It simply took a loooong time.... but it got there. It appeared to have made three right turns on the way instead of a single left. :man_shrugging: Moral?: Patience.

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The latest update ( definitely helped my Sonoff BasicZBR3 Zigbee devices which were struggling to connect so I'd say it's highly likely a similar issue.
All fixed with :slight_smile:


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