The mobile app is unclear as to what is armed can I get the same info as the PC


how do I confirm that the water and smoke alarms are armed ?

anyone ??

Did you try a HSM tile in the dashboard?

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well thats no better

and if I click it it says same as mobile

there is no mention of water or smoke : (

@bravenel is this something that could be added to Dashboard properties? :arrow_up: Or is there a trick that I don't know about to show water/smoke (other?) HSM items to show in Dashboard? The documentation doesn't show anything pertinent, at least not in the HSM section.

@bravenel any thoughts on this? These are important and I don't want to assume they are active

We are looking into it.

In the meantime, you could have a rule set a variable to reflect the status, and display that in a Dashboard.

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i tried to do ...but not sure that is possible

Smoke and water are armed unless HSM is All Disarmed. Any other state change, including Disarmed means that Smoke and Water are armed.

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