The first evening I've sat in my Living Room and the motion activated lights didn't go out

You know how it is. You sit in your lounge and the motion activated lights go out. So you move your leg or arm around trying to get them back on. Then eventually they come on and you forget all about it. Until it happens again. So you add another motion sensor. And still it happens. So you extend the timeout. Then you sit there annoyed that when you leave the room the lights are gonna stay on for longer than they need. Then you start research better sensors, more sensitive.

Or is this just me? Maybe. Probably :grinning:

Anyway, the solution I've found (at last!) that really works very well is to add cameras to your motion sensing rules. But not for simple camera "motion". We all know that motion sensors use infrared to activate motion properly because cameras may indicate motion even if the lights come on and enough pixels change to make them think motion occurred. No, motion ain't gonna cut it.

So how to add cameras to the motion sensing mix?

I've been tinkering with the AI capabilities of tinyCam which can sense face and person. Having set this up, I'm sat here in my lounge and my Samsung camera is sensing my face time by time and retriggering the cancel on my motion lighting, without me even moving. It's ridiculously good. It actually works.

Details of set-up here in case you want to try it...