The C-8 Zigbee Issue I Didn't Have

Like some people, I've had a few issues since I migrated from my old C-5 to a new C-8. My Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor dropped off repeatedly. But, I finally seem to have hit the correct steps that keep it active and connected. This post isn't about that.

This morning while I was out walking the dog, the hub notified me that a zigbee contact sensor on a bedroom window had a dead battery. When I got home, I climbed up on a step ladder to get the sensor off the window. I had mounted the sensor part with velcro to make it easier to get down. It's up high behind a blind, and it's hard to change the battery in place. Also, I do not enjoy high places. I pulled it off, brought it down, and changed the battery. Then I went back up the stepladder and stuck it back to the window, rather blindly because — as I may have mentioned — I don't like ladders (even step ladders).

With my feet back firmly on the floor, I opened the window to check that the contact sensor was now working again. "Closed" it said. I closed the window and opened it again. "Closed." I hit refresh, and config for good measure. Closed the window. Opened the window. "Closed."

Now by this time I was getting a bit... unhappy, shall we say. "Not another zigbee issue," I thought to myself. I may have used adult language. I went back up the stepladder to rip the offending sensor down and beat some sense into it, or some such.

And found that the adhesive on the velcro had apparently partially detached itself and curled to the side, and the sensor had stuck to the little magnet instead of the window frame. When I opened the window, the sensor stayed right where it was, on the magnet. From its point of view, the window was closed.

I fixed the velcro and stuck it back where it belonged. I opened the window. "Open." I closed the window. "Closed." I repeated several times, just for the joy of seeing it work.

Nothing to see here, folks. :wink:


Please do tell.

No idea, really. I completely removed it from the C-8, repaired it to the C-5 and meshed them. Then I completely removed it from the C-5 and repaired it back the the C-8. Somewhere in there I rebooted the zigbee radio once or twice, and rebuilt the network a time or two, and hit the update button on the zigbee page. It's been solid for a couple of days and no other zigbee device that I have has had any problems. I don't know what combination of hokey pokey and adult language did the trick.

I was really just trying to bring a little levity into what is, I know, a tough situation for some people while we wait for the Hubitat engineers to find a solution.

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Sounds like you did pretty much what I did, but mine is still semi-broke. Unable to add zigbee devices that were once on the hub. Very frustrating.

Well needed and well enjoyed. :laughing: I think we all have a few of those moments, frustration to funny. Thanks.

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This is like the time I replaced the battery on the left window contact sensor, and then tested it and found it was no longer reporting open or closed when I moved the window. I tried a second new battery and it still wasn't working. I was about to replace the contact sensor when I realized the device page I was looking at was the contact sensor on the left window in another room.


Like when ES kept yelling at me, "Low battery detected on Iris Entry," so I replaced the dang battery only to be reminded the next day of the same.

Seems i don't understand the difference between Iris Entry (Iris V2 motion) and front Door (Go Control contact sensor). LOL


I tried pairing an unpaired Zigbee device today and in doing so, it knocked my Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor out. I once again had to re-pair it with my C-8 hub. It seems have something to do with the C-8 in pairing mode. Never had this issue with my C-5. Fortunately for me, my sensor is sitting in a window facing outward to get illuminance readings, so no tricky ladders of Flying Walendas trapeze artistry.


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