The breaker is breaking things

So I was able to break rule machine.

Setting up a rule where I have the lights flash and then I select restore state after delay. The lowest value is minutes and I wanted seconds so I entered 0.05 in the field. now i cannot get back into that section of the rule


You probably have to remove that rule and start over. All time values are whole numbers.

To remove it, go to Apps, click on the little i to the right of that rule, and hit Remove.


yeah I did but wanted to point it out is all sir

I’d be happy to help you with the rule, if you could tell me what you want it to do.

thanks boss

and to make sure I am not doing it wrong. my goal was this:
Virtual Switch "Call Ariel"
Send Message to her phone
Flash lights in her room for 3 seconds with a .500 interval.
restore light to previous state

If I had the option in toggle for a number of times to toggle it with a delay or could select the parameter flash() 3 times something like that it would work.

You could do this with Hubitat Safety Monitor and a RM rule. Most of our device drivers have built-in flash, so it would have to be one of those. RM integrates with Hubitat Safety Monitor.

Or you could use custom command to surface flash(). You can set the flash rate in the device details. Works for z-wave switch and dimmer.

Hubitat Safety Monitor stops the flashing when you Cancel Alerts, which you can do with RM. And it restores the previous state of the device.

thank you. the rate I can set in the device but in RM I cant find how to set a duration for flashing or number of times to flash.

You only use RM to start or stop the flash. The rate is set in the device. Then use a custom command flash() to start it, and do what ever you need to 3 seconds later to stop it. On/off/dim should stop it. So it you want to restore it to previous value, that should work also.

So I can make it flash but there is no way in RM to make it flash for a couple seconds or cycles.

I guess not if you want to restore the light to its previous value, since minutes of delay is the only option on restore. I’ll put on the list to add seconds to that.

Then your rule would capture the state of the switch, start the flash, and then restore the switch 3 seconds later (restoring it would stop the flash).

If you just want to turn the switch on or off in 3 seconds, you can do that now.


if the kids would stop wearing headphones this would not be needed :slight_smile:

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