That was easy!

First time home automator here. Based on many reviews I decided to go for the Hubitat. I ordered it on the weekend and it arrived yesterday (Wednesday, UK). Unboxed, followed the instructions, all seemed ok.

I'd ordered a couple of Innr Smart Plugs which had arrived the day before, so one by one I plugged them in and searched for each. The first took a good 20-30 seconds to find, I got a bit nervous, but the second was found within a few seconds. Both worked immediately as generic Zigbee switches.

There are three lamps connected to these two sockets (two via an extension chord), so I set up a group called "the lamps" and hooked my hub up to Google Home. Now I can say "OK Google, turn on the lamps" and hey presto, three lamps switch on!

Based on the Hubitat having a bit of a "developer feel" to it and Innr not being officially supported, I was expecting more of an uphill battle. It was more of a "let's try this and see what happens" for me. But instead it was really simple, quick to set up, devices paired quickly and it works flawlessly so far.

Great job Hubitat! Next I'm looking to automate all sorts and ideally use cheap devices, so will be calling on you all for the many community drivers out there :wink:



Welcome - glad your introduction to Hubitat was so smooth!

Can I suggest perusing the following 2 documents before planning your smarthome purchases?


Thanks aaiyar - I'd read those before even purchasing the hub and re-read the Zigbee one before starting :slight_smile: I'll be keeping an eye on it and with a few Xiaomi devices looking temptingly cheap I'll be keeping an eye on the repeaters I put in as well, to make sure they're confirmed compatible.


Just be warned that Xiaomi can be problematic.
I have a couple that haven't had an issue but there are plenty of people that have numerous issues with them falling off their mesh.

Yeah, I’d take a good look at the Samsung Smartthings sensors, before any Xaomi.
It’s not just about the purchase price !
There’s a lot of Gotchas with those Xaomi ones being non- standard.

See here


Welcome to the HE club !! :crazy_face:

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