That Lived In Look

Is there any app out there that would allow you to enter different times at random to turn on a light, or lights, in a room, or rooms, to make it look like there is someone home but actually when you are away? thanks

Do a search for “Random Lights” and take your pick :blush::+1:t2:
I’m sure you’ll find something that fits in with how your building out your system.

This is what I do.
Look at the thread and you will see a response from me that shows a series of rules that do what I think you are looking for.

There is also @bptworld, Hubitat/Apps/Lighting Effects at master · bptworld/Hubitat · GitHub

Thanks everyone. Looks like it is going to consist of a bunch of rules. I was trying to avoid that but I don't see any other choice. fun!

I'm using this one

I just downloaded the app and set it up. How is it working for you? Does it do what you need? Any tricks I should know about? thanks

works just like I want it to.
When in vacation mode at Sunset to specific time later it picks 2 lights to turn on every 30 minutes or so,

I have not tested the people home or days of the week functions.

There also seems to be an issue with either going past midnight or using the next day's sunrise.
I suggested using 2 versions if you cross midnight - in this thread it was solved by using a delay.

I ported the code from ST, but I dont know jack about Groovy, I was able to just replace the variables/functions that changed names.

Thanks for the feedback. Interesting about the past midnight thing. HS has the same problem!