That didn't work out the way I thought it would

Years ago, I ran 20' of thin-wall conduit from the garage door opener outlet in the ceiling to a new outlet on the wall of my garage. The purpose was to supply power to a low voltage driveway lighting transformer. I wanted to replace it with a Z-Wave outlet. I replaced the metal box with a plastic one and got a plastic wall plate. Two cars were between it and the house, but on the ceiling was my Z-Wave garage door opener. Installation complete and paired and just as I had hoped, the outlet found the garage door opener and a way into the house.

This worked great for 2 days, but then last night the driveway lights didn't turn on and the outlet was not reliably responding. Checking this morning, I found that while both of the cars were out of the garage yesterday, the outlet "discovered" a faster, direct path into my house. Which became obstructed as soon as the cars returned.

So, I ended up cutting 5' off the thin-wall and moving the outlet above the tops of the cars. Best laid plans...

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Adding a repeater inline likely would have helped as well

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Most likely it would have, but I can still work a hacksaw and the new location of the box appeals to me ascetically.

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