Thanksgiving with Hubitat in 2021

Many thanks from the Hubitat staff to each and every one of our users who have trusted us to elevate their environments with Hubitat Elevation, this year.

The enthusiasm and continued support that so many of you showed this year, have inspired us to deliver a truly innovative platform that is faster, more reliable and private.

From our families to yours, we hope you have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving. And if you are going out of town for the long weekend, we hope you have safe travels!


ya you are brave releasing a new version right before a holiday ... lol..


Lol I thought the same thing!

Not going to touch my Hubitat's until after the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend when everyone goes back home. :innocent:


Smart... very smart.

Everyone with their fingers hovering over the Agree button, read @ronv42 advice. :smiley:

...unless you really want to put up your Christmas lights this weekend and could use some help from the Lifx bulbs... Ok, I'll admit, I may have gone a little too crazy with the colors, but my kids love our Christmas ̶t̶r̶e̶e̶ house...


Ok, special exemption for Lifx deployment.

I'm in agreement with your kids. :slight_smile:


The Grinch was just waiting for this moment:

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We have the same bulbs. Wife tells me every year to make the colors red, blue, and green and don’t make the bulb by the front door red. Roxanne..


Our goal this year is to get up permanent addressable led's for the majority of the holiday lights. (This includes some roof top lasers as well) Want to integrate with Hubitat. Started a thread earlier in the year about doing this and hope to continue it as I go down that rabbit hole...

LIFX Strips are "addressable" they have 8 color zones per 40" strip

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Reminds me of an old video game I used to play

Rise Of The Triad

I now return you to the thread…

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At around 1200 feet of light I'd end up paying out my retirement funds :joy:


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