Thanks to you ALL for your awesome and often "thankless" work

Just getting to the point of my ST migration of adding my favorite @ericm drivers and apps! I use many of them and one of the primary motivators for me seriously looking into Hubitat was because of the many awesome devs @stephack @bravenel @mike.maxwell @csteele @cjcharles @Navat604 @michaelahess @JDRoberts etc, from the ST community both past and present being active here and the forum community helping me on my learning curve. THANKS so much for all you many guys who make this local automation platform so powerful. Love ya guys! :kissing_heart: Couldn't find @RBoy from ST here but hopefully someday.


Can't forget @chuck.schwer :sunglasses:

I have not had a single regret leaving the old platform behind for this one, the HE team rocks!


Let me add a HUGE thank you to the HE team for your relentless improvements and hard work. It's appreciated even when we don't tell you often enuff.


I completely agree!


I am just new here and haven't had the experiences with ST but the participation of so many really helpful staff and community members is truely awesome.

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