Thanks to everyone

After spending many hours reading so many articles on this forum I have learned so much. I bought my hub 2 months ago mainly because of my konnected boards I was using with SmartThings cloud. Ended up replacing all of my Wi-Fi switches, bulbs, etc with zigbee devices as I wanted all local control. Never had to ask for help but spent a lot of time digging in these forums and found all the answers. Thanks for all the help just figured I would finally post something.


awesome! glad to hear we're doing some good. thank you for taking the time to search the forums for your questions. a lot of great folks in here with a wealth of knowledge. definitely helpful to have folks who also experienced it real time instead of someone testing it in a vacuum


Welcome to the community, nice to know that you found all the info you were looking for! Now that you're an expert, you need to pay it back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish I was an expert I found out how dumb I really am after seeing how smart everyone here is.


That's not it, we are just more experienced, we are still dumb!!!


I'm a Konnected user, and I also got Hubitat two months ago too. I had a few hiccups with my mesh routers, but besides that, I am very happy with what I have. This community was very helpful when those problems arose during startup. I found the rule machine very straight forward and there is so much help in these forums for automations. I got exactly what I wanted. It just works.


Would elaborate on your hiccups with Konnected and mesh routers? I suspect a similar problem with my setup but not sure.

The arduino boards disappeared from the network. My Asus zenwifi system has the option of binding a device to a certain router node. Once I did that, they don’t get lost.

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