Thanks for new Rule Machine UI, but how do you use it?

I just added a new toggle switch. It shows up properly in Devices and in Z-Wave Details and it works properly when I toggle it. Now I want to add it to an Action for a different switch, but I can't figure out how to do this with the blasted new UI. Editing Actions with the old UI was simple, but the important editing functions are missing in the new UI.

  1. What is the purpose of the Check Box at the beginning of the Action?
  2. I finally figured out you have click on the Action to edit it. I see how to Remove switches from the Action, but how do you add new ones?
  3. I see how to add new Actions, but I don't want to add another Action, just edit the existing.
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It sounds like you may be referring to the new Rule Machine updates. If so, you may find the following post useful to tie the old UI features to the new table based features:


I actually find the new user interface of Rule Maker makes it much, much easier to create and edit rules. I think you’ll find that to be true also, once you understand how it works (see the link in the post above).


Agree 110%. (The extra 10% because I really, really agree.) :smiley: I'm finding the new interface much easier to use as I've spent more time with it.

I found it was very useful to create a "play rule" and just click on things and see what happened, what I could add or change.


If you hover your mouse over the table, every cell that does anything has a tool-tip for what it does. As @danabw says, just play with it. It has every feature from before in that table, plus move up / move down.


I have to say "what the hell". That was my first impression of the new Rule Machine interface for creating and editing. I find the new way is pretty awesome, especially if you have to edit a rule or move things around. I find it very helpful now that I have gotten use to it. JMHO

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@bravenel Any chance the move up and down arrows could be located on the far left next to the Select Copy Action checkbox?

When moving a line now it requires some effort to keep focused on the line you are trying to move. It's not an issue on a phone because you can see the entire Action field. On a computer where there is more screen space, often the white space at the end of the action line makes it harder to see you are clicking the proper up or down arrow as you move a line up or down.

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