Thank you Hubitat Inventors and Forum members

There's been other threads like this but this one is mine.

I just want to say thank you to everyone from the inventors of Hubitat to all of you reading my post.

I am over 50. I started HA waaaaay back. Anyone remember X-10? Did that. Charmed Quark CQC? Did that. Insteon? Did that. More recently I did SmartThings and Raspberry Pis. Now done with that.

I now have Hubitat, two Caseta Pro hubs, around 80 Caseta switches and Pico's, a Hue Bridge, and a few other goodies. And it works flawlessly. I feel like I have arrived at HA nirvana. And I'm at 99% success rate.

So thanks to everyone that made this possible. Have a great holiday week and great summer.