THANK YOU For the new diagnostic Tools

I see :8081 has been updated with the latest version to have set date/time, reboot, shut down and safe mode. Don't know much about safe mode but thanks for adding a button to reboot, much appreciated!


Maybe that can be explained in tonight's? Hubitat Live? @patrick


I'm going to guess that it reboots the hub with only built-in apps and devices using built-in drivers enabled, and anything using custom code disabled.

But there's only one way to find out...

I poked around when I got my coordinator hub the other day and saw this. When you select it, it asks for the hubs mac address to login and then gives the following detail as to what it does: "Safe Mode provides a way to run your hub with no apps or drivers enabled. "


I wonder if it can be used for device inclusion. It's been weeks and I still can't add z-wave devices... I'm able to add zigbee though... Support is still trying to figure out why... Anyway, I digress...

i have tried so many times to log in with my mac address keeps saying wrong password

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Try this?

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what is soft reset. what does that reset? and I assume full reset is back to factory.

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As you probably know by now, Hubitat has an internal Database and logs and other files, that together, we short hand into "The DB" It's where everything that you've done to the hub since you opened the box is saved. All your Apps, all the rules within those apps, all Drivers, all selections you've made in those device info pages... everything that makes this your hub... resides. What's NOT in "The DB" is the Linux OS and the Hubitat Platform code and of course, all the details that are stored out in the radios.

A Soft Reset erases The DB. and takes you back to where you can start over adding Apps OR.. and this is the typical use for Soft Reset, you can restore a saved Backup of The DB. The hub stores a few, but saving them to a PC is much better.

A Soft Reset is a 'friendly' thing. You can export a backup, soft reset, restore the backup and other than the few minutes it took to do that, you'll be exactly back to where you started. It's really important to understand that the backup saved is NOT exactly a bit/byte copy of the DB and files... it's a cleaned/extracted version that can be used to recover from quite a few problems.

Full Reset is something you do once.. the evening before you pack it in a box and ship it off to it's new owner :smiley: Stay far away from a Full Reset without specific, trusted, advice to do so. :slight_smile: