Thank you for the enhanced logging / CPU process information

@bravenel @bcopeland @mike.maxwell @gopher.ny

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you guys for this new feature. I've discovered some mesh hogging devices that would have been otherwise very difficult to have tracked down - after which long standing inefficiencies in parts of my system, that I previously thought I had done everything I could have done to resolve - now appear to be working much much snappier.

Also on the app side I have quite a few very complex rules that get triggered regularly - but with this logging its much easier to see which are misbehaving the most and causing the most stress to the system.

Couldn't be happier with this! It seems like such a small thing but when everything is working much snappier it makes a huge difference to the feel of the whole home.

Great stuff guys


Yes, I agree. This should be very helpful! Thank you!


This is about the 3rd post I have seen about "Enhanced Logging" Where is this? I haven't seen anything new here and certainly cant find anything regarding CPU process info.

Running C7 with V2.2.5.131