Text your command to google home

I'm far from a pro... that's to start with :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem:

I've got some shutters controled by a wifi-switch-thingy. They can't connect to Hubitat and i would like to use more automatisation with some of the sensors etc i have on hubitat.

The setup:

  • Wifi-switch-thingy is connected with the cloud (smart life app)
  • google home is connected with the cloud (also smart life app) and can control the switches but in the app i can't push any button, it just shows some shutters.
  • Hubitat is connected with the google home

My idea is to type the command i want in hubitat and he sends it to google home.
Then i could make a 'fake' switch for all shutters and automate every one of them for my goals

can anybody help me?
I don't know how to flash things and even don't have the tools or anything... In my country flashing is... euh... something else :stuck_out_tongue:

You could if you throw a rpi into the mix, but you can use Alexa. Install alexa on a PC, connect the device to alexa, then install alexa integration and expose device to hubitat as a virtual switch. The other option is ifttt.com, you get 3 recipes for free

You might be able to use the Google Assistant Relay. Search for it in the forum. But it takes a stack of set up. The easiest approach I've found is to buy a Sonos speaker or use a cheap tablet or old phone device running Fully Kiosk and place it next to a Google Mini (which is at least dirt cheap). Then use the Sonos or Fully Kiosk drivers which allow text to voice inside a Rule Machine (RM) rule to send whatever text command to that device. It will play and strangely enough the Google Mini will react perfectly ever time. Bingo! You have full control over running any Google command or routine you like straight out of RM.

sounds like the house would talk to itself :stuck_out_tongue:
Kinda like that. I have 2 google nest speakers, 4 nest mini and 2 google mini... just thinking when they all start to talk on there own ... hehe

I will look up the Relay stuff. I'm self (amateur) learning and even the english is hard somethimes but...

Never tried is never gonna win

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