Text with Hubitat Safety Monitor

I was able to text to my phone with Pushover. However, I am not able to get a text when I just list my phone as the receiving device. In other words, when I check both Pushover and iPhone, the Pushover works. When I uncheck Pushover, the iPhone does not receive the text. Any thoughts?

If you are selecting the mobile device in HE that represents your phone, this will be sent a notification via the Hubitat mobile app installed on your phone. To see these appear on your phone you need to connect the app to you HE hub under the Settings tab in the mobile app on your phone. When you connect to the HE hub, be sure to select the device that represents your phone on the hub, i.e. the one you configure to receive the notification in HSM.

Thanks. On the iPhone App, under Settings, I am connected to "Home Hubitat" - which is my Hubitat. I also have notifications turned "on" in the Notifications section of the iPhone. Should this be enough?

I would have thought so. Try sending a notification from the mobile device in HE to your phone, using the command at the top of the device detail page in HE.

Also double-check the device you are connected to your hub with, shown in the mobile app a few lines above the hub in Settings.