Testing for Device Capability

Is there a way, within RM, to determine if a device has a certain capability? Something like

IF (device has capability-color) then

Not that I can think of. For the use case you presented, however, a Group (from Groups and Scenes) or Room Lighting activator might be able to handle what you want, as both are capable of filtering commands away from devices to which they aren't applicable and, with the right options, sending a different command instead (e.g., just on() if you do a setColor()). If that's not enough, sharing more about what you want to do might get better ideas.

This came up when I noticed some java errors in the logs and I tracked it down to me being dumb and trying to change color temperature on a non-adjustable bulb. I had noticed that Group/Activator devices properly handle mixed capability devices, so clearly this can be done in code. I thought perhaps it'd been thrown into RM somewhere and I just couldn't find it. Guess I'll have to set up some groups instead of setting all of those devices individually, just to be safe.

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