Test Bench with old C-7

Here is my old C7 ready to help code drivers. Complete with it’s own router in bridge mode since I don’t have the Wi-Fi dongle for it. Going to get some Wago connectors this weekend so I can ditch the wire nuts.

Zooz ZEN54
Zooz ZEN17
Leviton Dimmer
Zooz ZEN30
Zooz ZEN31 is out of frame.

Old brass light fixtures I replaced a few years ago work great wired up to some old lamp cord from the other lights I replaced.

Bought two $3 extension cords and cut the ends off to wire up the zen54 and the light to the dimmer. Was cheaper than making my own cord!

ZEN31 in an old box I had laying around. I think this box came out of the wall behind the stove at a house I lived in 10 years ago :rofl:, so I could move the outlet over and get the stove flush against the wall.


My test bed looks very similar, except I use Wago connectors instead of twist on for the electrical connections.

Is really handy to have a test bed for driver devlopement!


Yeah after taking a few apart a couple times I realized I need those also, Menards has them so picking a bunch this weekend! I fully expected someone to say this and edited my post just a few minutes ago.

I also tinned the tips of some of my wires that get used a lot. Very amateurly, but I think I got the hang of it now and I need to go back and redo some of them.


That's smart. I should do that too....

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And that, wives everywhere, is exactly why we have at least three large boxes of wires and old parts in the garage or closet!



Ferrules are great for this. They require a dedicated crimper, but are incredibly useful. Wires going to the screw terminals on my Zen16 have ferrules, for instance.

In a pinch, I used the crimper to secure metal shoelace tips onto 3mm paracord. Cat stopped chewing the ends of the laces.


Just a side note. Avoid tinned wires long term in screw terminals. They can fail mechanically over time and generate heat. As mentioned above ferrules work well.

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