Tesla Integration to query car status

You need to install both an app to integrate with tesla and then it will create the driver once the login is successfull.

latest version avail in hubitat package manager and here

for more info see the old thread here.


@kahn-hubitat Are you aware of a way to see the values in km and km/h without having to make conversions and dump them into virtual devices for display in SharpTools?

i can add an option, but i was under the impression if you hqve it set that way in the car it should read that way in the api? anyone in a foreign country that uses metric. whatq do you see?

Added option to display odometer and speed in kilometers instead of miles.. Note for this to work the car CANNOT be returning already in kilometers.. So someone in a foreign country where it is in kilometers please test.


this is a change only to the device code not the app.. so either pick that up on the github or use package manager..

if it is already displaying in kilometers setting it to K will screw it up .. If that is the case i will add a 3rd parameter "D" for default that does no conversion so as not to be confusing.


slight change to driver there were duplicate update events for long and latitude so pull new version if you like.

First of all thanks so much for making the change. One thing I'd like to note though, unless I'm doing something wrong, the battery range seems to still be in Miles as opposed to switching to kilometers. Unless of course I'm doing something wrong? I've tried it with metrics on or off. I seem to get the same results.

Ya i forgot about that one.
I will fix that today.

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new version in github with fix for range to also be converted to kms

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Again... thanks so much for the quick responses. Where can I "buy you coffee".

Nh fl or mi depending

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