Tesla Connect 3.0

Adding wife's car to Hubitat because of -- well not charing the car and maybe set rules up for reminder to charge. LOL
SO I installed the updated version of the app and driver. I used AUTH for Tesla to generate Token.
I entered the token in the " Input new access token when expired?" portion of the app.
The next screen allowed me to choose her car name.
The name added to the device list... Thats where I got hung up.

Bottom of add shows " pending". I assumed details of the car would be available in the RM to create rules. There was nothing there for me to find, hence I went back to the bottom of the child device

and seen pending..

There is really not much documentation on the set up if this app and any roadblocks some may find on the way...

you need boith the access and refresh token filled in

Ok. So the app that gives token has one time for third party apps to have continued access and then a temp that last for 8 hours.

Does this token need to be refreshed daily ?

The tesla app does it automatically Thsts what the refresh token is for

Thank you sir. Got it set up.

Home value. Shall that be as valued via Google maps ? I can not see it as Present even though it is.



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