Tesla Car to Hubitat

Hi all,

I'm trying to port a device driver and app from the Smartthings forum. It is to connect my Tesla to Hubitat.

I have it all working expect the presents sensor. My car doesn't have the homelink so I'm trying to use the Lat and Long to set my presence. Could use some help on that. Not sure if it is possible.


Hi there, have you used the code as is from smartthings?

i guess the devicehandler should be imported as driver, and the smartapp as "app"

i ask this because i have been using the above code as a smartthings user, but have migrated to hubitat today...

i have modded the code in smartthings, so perhaps i can help when i have gotten it to work in hubitat, if you can confirm that the above is the case...

I have the code working.

Look at this thread Tesla Integration to Remind Us To Plug The Car In

It will help you get it setup.



Hello there. Sorry for bringing up an old thread.

I installed this and it works great for my rules. However, I noticed that setThermostatSetpoint values do not actually reflect the exact number in the app.

This is what I have figured out so far:

Set Thermostat Setpoint to Actual temp in app
77 goes to 77
76 goes to 75
75 goes to 73
74 goes to 73
73 goes to 72
72 goes to 72
71 goes to 70
70 goes to 70
69 goes to 68
68 goes to 68
67 goes to 66
66 goes to 64
65 goes to 64

Just wanted to bring it to your attention, if you didn't know already. Otherwise, its a fantastic integration.

Yes there is. Click the link for the file and go to line 339.

Although now that I think of it, this may not be the owner. Sorry!

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