(Temporarily / Selective) Disable Monitoring

Wondering if there’s a way to disable say ... water sensors from triggering alerts (and by extension water valves).

Here is the scenario:

I have water sensors that are (also) sensitive to steam/air moisture (a parameter that cannot be set) and basically any time one takes a shower, after a certain time, they trigger and turn the water off.

Is there a way that one can disable a specific set of sensors from triggering within HSM?

I have a button that turns in the valve if pressed but then the sensor might trigger again and it requires another press (becomes annoying really fast).

I have a rule set up now to disable alerts (for 10 minutes) but that doesn’t do what i want ...

You can select the specific sensors you want to participate in the water area of HSM.

I know.

And I have defined the sensors as part of the “monitored” group hence the trigger when steam happens.

To re-phrase what I want to do:

Either exclude temporary (a) sensor(s) with a press of a button, or disable the monitoring for the said group (leak) for a defined amount of time (with the press of a button).

While this ties to Rule Machine too, I did not see an option or ability to do that.

Do you have a humidity sensor in that bathroom? You could set it up so that at a certain humidity level, it triggers the same rule as you are using to disable it currently with the button. It could stay disabled until the humidity level came down again to a specified level.

To reduce the risk of this triggering with a hot water leak creating steam, you could also link it to the bathroom light that, I assume, you would turn on when taking a shower.

I don’t have one but i guess i could put one. My problem is that i don’t know how to disable it :blush: couldn't find a way :blush:

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Ah! Here is one way that this could be done by replacing hothead real sensor with a virtual one in HSM.

You would want to test it to ensure it works. The trigger and condition could be replaced with a switch as well if that would work better. Ex.: if shower light = off

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I understand the logic!
That MIGHT just work for what I need.

I’ll give it a try.

Thank you for the different angle on this one.

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Cool! Let me know if it does!

I have to run a few calibration tests to see at what level it would trigger.

Still, I wish HSM would have the option to disable/enable the alerting devices via rule machine (perhaps?).

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That could be interesting as an option!

That didn’t quite work. While trying to measure the humidity level, my sensor (the humidity one) doesn't register values that can be used.

The water sensor’s pad apparently is hyper sensitive and it triggers at the slightest vapor “film” that sets on it. Which in turn, is not a value that can be used on the humidity sensor.

Best option at this point is to have HSM disable the monitoring for selective sensors.

Which might be too much from a development standpoint.


Isolated the two in their own rules:


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