Temperature Sensor Setting


I got a Samsung button that also reads temperature. I added the button to HE with no problems. I created a rule to turn on my media closet fan when a certain temperature is hit. I thought I created the rule correctly, but the fan is not turning on. The fan is plugged into a Samsung smart outlet which works if I turn it on thru the device menu. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Could you turn on the logging and then post them?


The rule looks OK. This is a similar one I use for my attic fan:


I selected all options in the logging options. How do I see the logs? Sorry, but I never played around with the logs.



On the left there will be a menu and logs will be at the bottom.



Personally, I would add a “Delay with Cancel” in the False Action. This will make sure the fan runs for at least x seconds before turning off. This will prevent the fan from turning on/off repeatedly when the temperature is right at the set point.



I added the delay. Good Idea



If you click “Run this Rule”, it should run the True Action and turn things on. Since the Actions only fire on a change of truth, and the rule conditions are already true, you may need to manually “Run this Rule” the first time. This behavior may be slightly different in RM 3.0 versus 2.5. In 2.5 clicking done always ran the rule. I’m not sure that happens in 3.0.


Great tip. I manually ran the rule and the fan is now on.

Thanks a bunch